Thanksgiving gets Non-Traditional

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a trying time.  Trying to get everyone together at the same time, trying to keep the kids from breaking the house down, trying to get everything cooked just right, etc.  There is another option of course- one could always try one of the myriad of fine eating establishments around town and let them do the work for you!  For example, you could cruise over to Café La Boheme.  They’re offering a three course prix fixe menu with options.  Feeling less traditional?  Try The Palm in West Hollywood for a Surf & Turf for two for only $85.  Or if West Hollywood isn’t your thing, you could head down to La Traviata in Long Beach to hear Keiran Moriah with the Devin S. Trio croon sweet melodies for you as you dine.    With options like these, the only thing trying about Thanksgiving is the option to try new and exciting things.


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