The 11th Annual Tequila Expo


Take part in the “XI Expo Tequila Tijuana 2011”—this much-anticipated event draws impressive crowds of international connoisseurs, tequila enthusiasts, and fans of the shot glass alike. Five Star Tours is joining in the fun this year by catering to all our transportation and tequila-tasting needs. Their “Tequila Expo Tour” will give guests access to a full day of events, activities, and tastings with the added value of roundtrip transportation. 

Your day will begin when you are picked up by the Five Star Tours bus at the Downtown San Diego Amtrak Station. Once onboard, you will sample and savor complimentary shots of tequila as you enjoy a comprehensive introduction to the world of tequila by an actual tequila expert. You’ll exit the bus at the Expo and join like-minded fans of this iconic spirit for a leisurely exercise in libation appreciation. Shop, dine, taste, and taste some more—after all, the event does include unlimited tequila tastings. Return in the safety and comfort of the bus, satisfied and relaxed.

Shoot back your own taste of the 11th Annual Tequila Expo and learn a new appreciation for this ancient spirit and culture.


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