The French Gourmet Saves Thanksgiving Day

Chicken Leg

Thanksgiving is the day for family, togetherness, and if you happen to be the host or hostess, frenzied cooking. Between the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, it’s easy to lose your patience—or even your sanity—under a mound of dishes, food, and screaming children. The French Gourmet understands the stress of cooking for family and friends on Thanksgiving, and that’s why they’re offering a catering menu for this special holiday.

The Thanksgiving Catering Menu offers customers dishes of all varieties: from appetizers to whole turkeys! The long list includes starters such as Brie en Croute, a Mediterranean Vegetable Basket, and Artisan Imported Cheeses. For most of these dishes, patrons can choose the size of their dish depending on how many people they need to serve. This is also the case with the Whole, Fresh-Roasted Diestel Turkeys, which come as small as 14-16 pounds or as big as 26-28 pounds. These are served with The French Gourmet’s Savory Bread Stuffing and Gravy to complete the Thanksgiving experience. Turkey Trimmings, such as Yams, Green Beans, and Freshly Mashed Potatoes, are available to order separately. The French Gourmet is known for its bakery, turning out French Baguettes and Mini Croissants daily, and Thanksgiving is no exception. If you want these at your Thanksgiving Feast, call the restaurant and ask for details about this special catering menu.

To enjoy gourmet food on Thanksgiving Day, be sure to place your order by Friday, November 18th. The French Gourmet will give you a pick up time as well as handy re-heating instructions. Don’t miss out on some of the tastiest Thanksgiving treats around!

If you’re in the mood for some fall offerings right now, look no further than the French Gourmet’s prix fixe dinner menu: a steal at only $25. This menu changes weekly, so be sure to contact the restaurant for exact offerings but for example, you can start the meal off with your choice of four appetizers, including the Organic Heirloom Tomato Caprese Salad and  Roasted Farm-Fresh Acorn Squash. Moving into the entrée selections, diners can choose between Short Ribs, Steak, Chicken, and the Vegetarian option of Local Butternut Squash and Faro Succotash. All entrees come with locally grown vegetables and a side of potatoes. The dessert selections include Crème Brulee and a fall favorite: Pumpkin Pot de Crème with Nutmeg Sabayon. The French Gourmet also gives patrons the option of adding a Wine Pairing Flight with this mouth-watering menu.

The French Gourmet makes it easy this year to enjoy Thanksgiving so invite the family to spend the holidays with you, stress free!


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