The Holidays Call for Sushi with Shimbashi Izakaya

Holiday Special Menu- Surf & Turf

Celebrate the holidays with Shimbashi Izakaya, Del Mar’s own Japanese oasis with a view. The intimate, relaxed, and inviting restaurant has all of the season’s festivities covered with a special menu that spans into the New Year. Designed to satisfy devout vegetarians, sushi aficionados, and meat lovers alike, this menu boasts everything from the Tofu Steak to the Eel Cucumber Sushi Roll. Extending the holiday spirit to all, Shimbashi is even serving up these specials at charitable prices.

The Shimbashi Holiday Special Menu offers four meal options that may be more appropriately referred to as mini feasts. The Surf & Turf offers a balance of land and sea with the Fresh Tuna Spring Roll, the Beef Rib Eye Diced Steak, and the sushi roll of your choice for only $24.95. The Surf & Surf plates up the Rainbow Carpaccio, the Salmon Steak, and the sushi roll of your choice for $24.95. Keeping it terrestrial is the Turf & Turf, with Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Rib Eye Cubed Steak, and Chicken Kara-age Sushi Roll for $24.95. and last but not least, the Vegetarian plate has the Vegetable Tempura, the Tofu Steak, and the Avocado & Cucumber Roll for only $21.95.

The Holiday Special Menu will be offered from November 21st, 2011, to January 15th, 2012. Bring your holiday season to life with a culinary treat that won’t break the bank, with Shimbashi Izakaya.


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