The New Wave of Sushi: Ikiru Japanese Restaurant


In Southern California, sushi restaurants are a dime a dozen, but Ikiru Japanese Restaurant offers an innovative take on sushi by mixing tradition with modern preparation techniques. This trendy sushi spot is the brain child of two college buddies working together in a sushi restaurant-- they hoped to put their mark on San Diego’s sushi scene, and they are definitely making an impression with their fresh fish, creative rolls, and diverse menu.

Ikiru Japanese Restaurant is tucked in the bustling commercial center Liberty Station, which used to be the heart of the Naval Training Center before in was revamped for civilian use and transferred from the Navy to the City of San Diego in 2000 and redeveloped into its current status as a community epicenter for Point Loma residents.

Ikiru Japanese restaurant has much more to offer than great food; it has some great deals that will keep you coming back for more without stressing about the impact on your wallet. Click HERE for these tasty deals!

Want to learn more about the fresh, inventive cuisine? Click HERE to read the restaurant's review.


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