Traditional Japanese Feast at Robata Ya Oton


Traditional Japanese foovd isn’t just sushi rolls with cream cheese, carrots, and artificial crab meat, and it is definitely much more than rice and fish. Vegetables, meats and other fresh ingredients are parts of the main aspect of traditional Japanese cuisine, and Robata-ya Otan in Kearny Mesa utilizes each part to create a dining experience like no other. “Robatayaki” is the term used for original Japanese barbecue with a lively grill. The chefs man their stations while spectators at the bar-like area sit and watch in awe as they cook, creating a relationship between diner and chef. Eating here is a thrilling experience to say the least. Whether or not you’d like to sit around the grill or dine in a private room, Robata-ya Otan will fit either feast perfectly. Japanese Nabemono (Hot Pot) offers different types of fresh produce and meats that are cooked on your table to your liking in a hot cauldron of flavorful broth. For small groups or parties, this place is perfect for any occasion. Twenty-four types of sake are also served here along with Soju (distilled rice liquor), Japanese teas, beer and wine. The freshest seafood sashimi will allow you to taste what your Americanized palate might have been missing, and a variety of fried (Agemono) and simmered (Nimono) meals allow you to have small plates to try many different items. To start off your meal, Robata-ya Otan supplies over 20 different appetizers from familiar dishes like Edamame (boiled soy beans), to the less likely Ankimo (steamed monk fish liver). If you’re looking for something new, you’re most likely going to find it here. Some of the staple grilled items would be the skewers of Ji-dori no Momo Kushi (Grilled Free-Range Chicken) Geso Shio (Grilled Squid Legs) and Gyu-tan Kushi (Grilled Beef Tongue). So if you’re in search for a large variety, superb freshness and originality then Robata-ya Otan shows San Diego what real Japanese food is all about.


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