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10 8 Mollie's Bar and Diner

Address: 103 Smith St, Fitzroy, 3065
Mollie's Bar and Diner
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Mollies Bar and Diner is serving parmas, burgers, pizzas, fish & chips. Mollie’s is named after Chris’s (Co-owner) Mum, designed by Steven Fahd and our philosophy is simple – All food is prepared fresh and is served with the same love and attention Mollie served food to her eight sons and seven daughters. Mollie’s is a very relaxed, canteen style bar and dining experience. With lots of chat in the main dining room with silent movies playing on the big screen accompanied by warm service coming with a touch of “sass”. Mollies has a unique sun sprayed or heated outdoor ... Learn More »

10 8 Bluestone American BBQ

Address: 470 Sydney Rd, Coburg, 3058
Bluestone American BBQ
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We value hard work and tradition. The hard work of older generations that built the foundations of Melbourne from the bluestone quarries in Coburg and surrounding suburbs. And the hard work that established the tradition of slow cooked American BBQ. At Bluestone American BBQ we seek to contribute to the tradition of hard work, strong communities, and good food. American BBQ is a low and slow cooking method that invests time and care to transform tough cuts of meat into hearty, quality meals. It is a centuries old technique that has roots in Native American, African American, migrant and working ... Learn More »

10 8 The Palms Sorrento

Address: 154 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento Victoria, 3943
Contemporary dining in beautiful Sorrento. Learn More »

10 8 Kent Hotel

Address: 370 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, 3054
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