Gorgeous Italian Cuisine in the Desert

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There is Italian food, and then there is Italian food…from Italy. From the mountainous countryside in L’Aquila Italy, brothers Fernando and Gino Masci bring original Abruzzo-style cooking to a hungry and expectant City of Las Vegas. Il Mulino’s rustic charm and hearty meals will have you taking language lessons in no time, as there are no words in English to properly describe their blending of fresh ingredients with a little bit of love from the homeland.

Rated as the #1 Italian restaurant in New York City for two solid decades by Zagat’s, Il Mulino brings their knowledge and service to Las Vegas.  Il Mulino offers home-style Italian dishes characterized by their simplicity. By far, the must have dish on their spectacular menu is the Osso Busco, a sumptuous veal shank roasted in a red wine sauce with porcini mushrooms and saffron risotto.

Currently Il Mulino has a special limited time offer available for their world famous Sugo Collection Basket. Containing their renowned marinara, garden fresh pomodoro, and rich vodka and Bolognese sauces, they are offering 15% percent off the original price of $65. The quantities are limited, so it would behoove one to hurry. In addition to this special offer they also present a variety of sauces, olive oils, and pastas for sale.

In addition to their world-class service and culinary expertise, Il Mulino also offers catering and is available for private parties to celebrate whatever occasion you may have in mind.

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