Keep It Chill For The Sake Of Your Health!


It is finally summer, the time of all those fiestas chock full of chips and dips of all sorts. However, one must be careful about how those dips are treated. According to an article by Scott Hensley, a writer for Shot’s NPR Health Blog, party favorites such as salsa and guacamole may be more dangerous than one thinks. Due to certain spice contents and other raw vegetables such as cilantro in these sauces, they can be host to plenty of bugs and other microscopic organisms that thrive on heat and can grow into something that just may become one very rude guest.

Does this mean that chips shall have to be dipped in mayo and mustard while the old favorites are shunned forever? Certainly not, as the best way to combat these potential bacterial threats is to bring down the hammer of its arch enemy: the cold. Keep all salsas and guac mixes chilled when they aren’t being used and they’ll be perfectly safe and edible. Make sure they aren’t left out in extremely hot weather during the parties either; room temperature or less is best. There’s no reason to dump all the dips and cancel the party, but watch them responsibly, just like alcohol intake!

For those that are curious, Salmonella is the main offender in the way of summer food poisoning. This can also happen in the winter;   the only difference is the culprit changing to norovirus. So keep icing that salsa for all seasons.


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