Opera Tuesdays at Operacaffe

Opera Tuesdays

Opera Tuesdays at Operacaffe present an exhilarating fusion of culinary and musical artistry. Guests will enchant in the expressive and melodic sounds of live Italian arias while savoring the tastes of authentic Tuscan cuisine. Chefs Roberto Bernardoni and Patrizia Branchi, natives of Florence, proudly craft traditional Italian recipes to capture the quintessential flavors of home. It has been their dream to incorporate live music into Operacaffe since its opening in 2008. Finally this dream has become a reality, with the renowned musical talents of tenor Rosario Monetti, lyric soprano Cherylyn Larson, and pianist Bryan Verhoye. The La Vita Bella (The Beautiful Life) performance series is headlining this event. Guests can look forward to experiencing the best of contemporary and classic Italian Opera. Opera Tuesdays start promptly at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. Guests are encouraged to select from a special pre-fixe menu comprised of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for only $25.00.

Another special feature of Opera Tuesdays is the new Chefs Giving Table concept. The Chefs Giving Table can accommodate 12-16 guests who will be treated to an assortment of seasonal specialty entrées and a wine flight of three wines, all selected by Chefs Roberto and Patrizia. Operacaffe will donate 20% of the revenue from the Chefs Giving Table to a nonprofit organization. The host of the dinner party has the privilege to choose the nonprofit organization that receives the aforementioned donation. Reservations for the Chefs Giving Table must be made in advance and will cost $75.00 per person plus tax.

Dine at Operacaffe on Opera Tuesdays to experience an exciting ongoing event celebrating food, music, and the philanthropic spirit.

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