Vegetable Amino Acids Lower Blood Pressure

It may be a universal truth that children are repeatedly drilled by their parents to eat more vegetables, including the green and mushy ones. And the latest study of 4,680 participants in China, Japan, the US, and the UK suggests the health benefits of eating those vegetables are equally universal. The article “Vegetable Amino Acids Lower Blood Pressure,” by MedlinePlus, explains that glutamic acid “is the most common of those amino acids, accounting for 23 percent of vegetable protein and 18 percent of meat protein.”

The study findings complement previous research encouraging diets high in vegetable proteins to lower blood pressure. Key foods to aid in lowering blood pressure include beans, whole grains, rice, soy products, and bread. Another crucial dietary consideration to consider is the level of animal protein one consumes. Less is more when it comes to balancing one’s love of meat with a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Once again, our mothers were/are right to make us eat every last pea in the pod, and it shows in the heart. Read the full MedlinePlus article to learn the full story behind this veggie-friendly study. 


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