Edinburgh - Uk Restaurants

10 8 Bentoya

Address: 13 Bread St, Edinburgh, EH3 9AL
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We started our journey back in the Kitchen of our sharing flat. We had absolutely no idea what we were doing. Our first pot of sushi rice was horrible. My lips puckered, everything was sour and sticky and I wanted to give up (and throw up) right then and there. But, I decided to give it a few more tries. And I found a love and passion I never knew before. My friends and family absolutely loved the flavors I came up with and soon, an idea sprouted in my head: To open my own restaurant. You see, not only …

10 8 Boathouse

Address: 3 Kings Place, Edinburgh, EH15 1DU
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Located in Portobello, Edinburgh's Seaside, the Boathouse is the premier beach bar and restaurant that everyone is talking about.

10 8 The Spylaw

Address: 27 Spylaw St, Edinburgh, EH13 0JT
The Spylaw
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If you wish to join us for drinks only, please select the BAR area option. Please note that we do not serve food in our BAR area. If you wish to order food from our regular menu, please select the Restaurant, Garden, or the Booth seating option. When booking if the time slot you requested is not available please check that on the automatic available advised times the site shows you, that you make sure you select a sections that provides for your needs i.e if you wish to book for food at a time and it is not available …

10 8 Kenji Sushi

Address: 42 St Stephen St, Edinburgh, EH3 5AL
Kenji Sushi
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Kenji Japanese Cuisine. Fine Authentic Japanese Dining. Healthy, Tasty, & Fresh. We use fresh produce from local farmer's markets, fresh meats, and fresh fish. Open Tuesday - Thursday : 5pm-10:30pm. Friday : 12pm-11:00pm and Saturday - Sunday 1pm-11:00pm

10 8 Umi Japanese Cuisine

Address: 18-24, Edinburgh, EH4 1LY
Umi Japanese Cuisine
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10 8 Lucky Yu Canteen

Address: 62 Elm Row, Edinburgh, EH7 4AQ
Lucky Yu Canteen
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Japanese & Asian-influenced handmade dumplings, and small bites restaurant serving handmade gyoza, bao buns, katsu sando & more. BYOB

10 8 The Pitt

Address: 125 Pitt St, Edinburgh, EH6 4DE

10 8 Bar50

Address: 50 Blackfriars St, Edinburgh, EH1 1NE

10 8 Golden Rule

Address: 30 Yeaman Pl, Edinburgh, EH11 1BT

10 8 Criag's Kitchen

Address: N//A, Edinburgh, EH7 4QW