Pressed Chicken and Foie Gras Terrine, Crunchy Artichoke Salad, and Truffle Recipe

Mix Executive Chef Bruno Davaillon
About: Named for the rectangular earthenware mold this classic French dish is typically cooked in, Pressed Chicken and Foie Gras Terrine contains a multitude of ingredients that will titillate your taste buds. Mix provides us the recipe for its classic yet redefined dish that utilizes premium components, and which your guests will be stunned by its flavor combination. This rich earthy dish has appeared as an appetizer on the 64th floor at THEhotel, where its establishment resides at, and now can be made in your kitchen.

Recipe Info

Restaurant: Mix | Las Vegas

Servings: 16
Prep Time: 11 hour(s)
Cuisine: French
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Vegetarian: No



Remove all silver skin and nerves from chicken breasts. Bring foie gras up to room temperature where veins may be removed yet shape of liver is left natural and intact. Split liver in four on parchment with breasts and season.

Assembly:Take desired rectangle metal mold and line with plastic wrap. Marinate chicken and foie gras in truffle juice, season with salt and pepper. Lay two chicken breasts on the bottom, then sliced truffle, half of gelatin leaves, the foie gras, then sliced truffle, the rest of gelatin and the remaining two chicken breasts. Wrap in plastic very tight. Wrap in plastic again. Place in bag, vacuum, place stamp on bag and shock on ice.

Cooking: Submerge plastic bag in water that is at precisely 60’C. Closely monitor water temperature to ensure it remains at 60'C (140'F). When internal temperature of terraine reaches 56’C, remove bag from water and shock on ice.

Let chill for 24 hours prior to serving.

Serving: Slice terraine into 16 even pieces. Place each slice on plate and surround each slice with fresh mache, 3 baby artichokes, artichoke chips, shaved raw artichoke and radish.  Top with truffled condiment.

Recipe Note:

This recipe utilizes the sous-vide cooking technique, which cooks should be familiar with before undertaking the recipe. If done improperly, sous-vide cooking can introduce bacteria into undercooked meat and should only be done with the proper equipment and knowledge.

When it comes to the terrine, and using the earthen bake ware called Le Creuset, you want to cook this entire chicken, foie gras mixture, inside the terrine, in a water bath. If you don't have a sous vide machine, cooking the terrine to above 165 degrees is advised to kill any sort of bacteria that might come in contact with the food.


1 lb. Fresh foie gras 4 each Chicken breasts 3 each Gelatin sheets 1 piece(s) Black truffle 1 Salt and pepper 1 Truffle juice 4 C. mache 48 braised baby artichokes 3 C. fried artichoke chips 1 shaved raw artichoke 1 shaved radish 1 C. truffled condiment


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