Toronto Restaurants

10 8 Millennium

Address: 580 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
$$$ Special Offer
Quietly tucked within the Hotel California, at the edge of San Francisco’s infamous Tenderloin district, Millennium presents a unique marriage of socially-conscious vegan food and the exacting standards of fine dining. Chef Eric Tucker brings to life a wide range of exceptional vegetarian dishes, relying on the natural vibrancy of his produce and a gift for innovation to make each morsel complete—in spite of a total absence of meat. A small but robust wine list, focusing on organic and biodynamic options, rounds out the mission of sustainability. Millennium is an ideal choice for vegetarian diners looking for something more, or …

10 8 Postrio

Address: 545 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
$$$ Top 10 Recommended
Centrally located on Post Street just off of Union Square, Postrio is the sort of restaurant San Francisco is famous for. Innovative food that draws from a myriad of cultures, a wine list that has both breadth and depth, a well-designed interior adorned with the works of famous local artists, and an atmosphere at once refined and relaxed makes Postrio one of the finest restaurants in the Bay. Priced reasonably enough for regular fine dining, the restaurant also offers standout dishes to turn any occasion into a special one.

10 8 Bar Crudo

Address: 655 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Bar Crudo
$$$ Special Offer
In its new space on Divisadero at Grove, Bar Crudo is a bustling restaurant reminiscent of a hip loft. The focus of the sparse and well-chosen menu is raw fish infused with creative sauces and garnishes with not a grain of sushi rice in sight. There are a few well-executed cooked fish and seafood dishes as well. If you hunger for thick steaks and mounds of buttered carbohydrates, Bar Crudo is not for you. If your dreams, however, are of Butterfish accented with Meyer lemon tapenade or Arctic Char with a drop of horse radish cream, don’t let its overwhelming …

10 8 One Market Restaurant

Address: 1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
One Market Restaurant
$$$ Special Offer
One Market makes for one exquisite dining experience. With stunning views and upscale atmosphere, One Market is one of the few restaurants in San Francisco with an unbeatable location to serve some of the city’s most exciting cuisine. Executive Chef Mark Dommen has created a menu that appeals to a variety of culinary interests and budgets, featuring seasonal American fare with an emphasis on fresh, organic, and local ingredients. The food, the service, and the ambiance are truly exceptional and will keep one coming back for more.

10 8 The Slanted Door

Address: 1 Ferry Building #3, San Francisco, CA 94111
The Slanted Door
For over a decade the Slanted Door has been one of the most sought after dining experiences in San Francisco. Executive Chef Charles Phan blends his passion for Vietnamese cooking with top quality ingredients, showcasing the abundance of produce and ecologically farmed fish, game, and poultry sourced by local farms. Many of his recipes are inspired by his mother’s cooking, along with ideas he has picked up from his travels to Vietnam. If you are looking for irresistible food and a lively atmosphere, the Slanted Door may become your new favorite.

10 8 The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton

Address: 600 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton
An evening at the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton is an invitation for indulgence. While sipping a glass of wine personally recommended by Dining Room sommelier Stephane Lacroix, diners are lulled into a satisfied stupor by the dulcet tones of the live harpist. Chef Ron Siegel’s exquisite and innovative menu supports this pampering ambiance. Noted for his Iron Chef victory, Chef Siegel expertly blends classic French influences with distinctly Japanese ingredients to create dishes that are exciting and utterly extravagant. Amidst the bustle of San Francisco city life, the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton is a welcome respite, a delightfully …

10 8 Masa's

Address: 648 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
Masa’s has mastered elegant simplicity. Executive chef Gregory Short continues the Masa tradition of exquisitely prepared and well-paired contemporary French dishes presented in a select assortment of tasting menus. Masa’s menu is trimmed of excess fat, leaving only the most succulent and high quality of dishes organized into overwhelmingly indulgent six and nine-course dinners. Like its pared-down menu, Masa’s décor exudes a confident and precise minimalism. Dark chocolate walls contrast with stark white tablecloths, while vases filled with pink and white roses and black and white toile chairs add notes of pastoral charm. The overall effect suggests Masa’s is a …

10 8 Eos

Address: 901 Cole Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Eos of Cole Valley prides itself on its unique variety of California and Asian-Fusion dishes. With a dark interior filled with décor from both sides of the Pacific, it would appear that the food is not the only fusion in this dual cultured restaurant. Named after the goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology, Eos presents itself not only as a restaurant, but also as a wine bar with a worldly and varied list of fine wines. Only the freshest ingredients from local farms are allowed in the dishes that Eos serves to its hungry customers. With such a fresh …

10 8 Kaygetsu

Address: 325 Sharon Park Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025
This venue is no longer open.

10 8 XYZ

Address: 181 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
This venue is no longer open.

10 8 Aqua

Address: 252 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
This venue is no longer open.

10 8 Jordan's at the Claremont

Address: 41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, CA 94705
Jordan's at the Claremont
Note: This restaurant is no longer open! Jordan’s at the Claremont Hotel and Spa exudes an air of quiet elegance and tranquil beauty. Whether enjoying a languid Sunday brunch on the patio or an intimate evening with the twinkling Bay Area skyline for a backdrop, Jordan’s diners are treated to a comfortable and distinguished experience. Executive Chef Thomas Hanson and Chef de Cuisine Hafid Chakri have created a memorable menu of epicurean delights with a fresh and distinctive Californian influence. Their inclusion of a separate vegetarian menu among their dining offerings adds to Jordan’s detail-oriented and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring an …