Restaurant Recipes

Cajun Corn Chowder

Inside Seating with a View

Restaurant: Humphreys | San Diego

This refreshing chowder exemplifies the diverse flavors of Chef Murphy's inspired global cuisine, combining the sweetness of corn, the spicy heat of Cajun cuisine, and the salty subtleties of shrimp. Whether supping on this satisfying soup on a brisk afternoon, or impressing guests with this inventive and flavorful dish as a starter for a dinner party, Chef Murphy’s Cajun Corn Chowder manages to impart the simple satisfaction of comfort food with complex and bold culinary influences.

Fall River Clam Chowder

Chef de Cuisine Jean Paul Labadie

Restaurant: Emeril's New Orleans Fish House | Las Vegas

At Emeril's New Orlean's Fish House, Chef Jean Paul Labadie reproduces a classic Emeril's recipe, which was first shared in the book "Emeril's TV Dinners" in 1998. While this is orignally just clams, feel free to add mussels as well and even substitute smoked ham cubes instead of bacon. Make sure the clam shells are clean and free of dirt and sand. Do the same for mussels by removing the "beard" and making sure the sea creatures close when handled. If the mussel or clam doesn't close, there's a good chance it could be dead. Toss them in the garbage if they aren't alive.