Restaurant Recipes

Warm Artichoke and Bread Salad with Marinated Crescenza

Jardiniere Dining Room & Bar

Restaurant: Jardiniere | San Francisco Bay Area

Chef Traci Des Jardins has won accolades for incorporating California flavors and French technique. She worked in some of the ?nest kitchens in Los Angeles, France, and New York City before opening up in Jardiniere in San Francisco.

Signature Crab Cakes

Restaurant: Sally's Seafood on the Water | San Diego

Jumbo lump crab meat lightly held together by lemon pepper aioli and fresh breadcrumbs, seared golden brown and served with Caper remoulade and Tomato relish. Makes sixteen 2.5 oz. crab cakes.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts

Restaurant: BO-beau kitchen + bar - Ocean Beach | San Diego

As Bo'Beau's most sought after appetizer, the Crispy Brussels Sprouts showcases Executive Chef Katherine Humphus' innovative culinary vision. A surprisingly easy recipe, the Crispy Brussels Sprouts uses minimal ingredients that creates an exceptional and satisfying treat.

Dates Stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella

Cicada Executive Chef Suzay Cha

Restaurant: Cicada | Los Angeles

This hors d'oeuvre combines sweetness from the dates, creaminess from the fresh cheese, saltiness from the anchovy fillet and a nice kick from the ginger powder. There are many variations of this dish from wrapping the dates with bacon and stuffing them with blue cheese to deep frying them in tempura and filling them with goat cheese and pecans. These are easy to prepare and are great for parties and barbeques. Whatever flavor combination you like, spicy and sweet, sour and salty, there's an option for you.

Bruschetta alla Romana

Restaurant: Penazzi | Las Vegas

Bruschetta is a topping served on bread. This bruschetta combines all the best traditional Italian flavors into a spread, and is topped with shaved Parmesan. Anything you can think of can be served on top of a bruschetta. The bread is the canvas and the paints are your ingredients. Using cheese and fresh, in-season fruit is the best way to go to top your bread and greens add a textural contrast to your bread boat.