Restaurant Recipes

Atlantic Salmon (or Halibut) Filet in Veracruzana Sauce

Jose Rodriguez

Restaurant: La Serenata | Los Angeles

This dish is named for the city and state of Veracruz, situated on Mexico’s eastern coast. In the port city, whole Gulf fish like red snapper are popularly paired with this sauce. In his signature preparation, Chef Rodriguez prefers to use filets from Atlantic salmon or halibut.

Chile Chipotle Salsa

Restaurant: El Fandango | San Diego

This sauce can be added to almost any dish. For example, it goes nicely with tamales and enchiladas.

Cancun Shrimp Ceviche

Dining Room

Restaurant: La Fiesta | San Diego

The Cancun Shrimp Ceviche is one of La Fiesta's unique appetizers that takes the flavors of Mexico and mixes it with the aromatic seafood of San Diego. Chef Aaron Valenzuela adds extra spices and cilantro to give this recipe a much needed kick with mango slices for an extra sweet effect.

Stuffed Mexican-Wasabi Prawns with Corn Salsa

Restaurant: Kemo Sabe | San Diego

Executive Chef and co-owner Deborah Scott combines influences from around the world to consistently create flavorful, colorful and innovative dishes for the many visitors to Kemo Sabe. Here, she shares the recipe for one of the restaurant’s signature appetizers: wasabi-stuffed Mexican prawns with sweet corn salsa.