Restaurant Recipes

Texas Style Kobe Beef Chili with Smoked Bacon and Dark Ale

TENDER Surf and Turf, Lamb and Sides

Restaurant: TENDER Steak & Seafood | Las Vegas

TENDER Steak & Seafood has presented you a chili like no other. Created by Chef Fazel, the Texas Style Kobe Beef Chili consists of 100% American Kobe beef top round and smoked bacon in medley of tomatoes, onions, and garlic. In addition, the added dark beer provides a depth that's not found in regular old chili. Create this dish for the winter time to warm up your body on those cold nights.

Chipotle and Sweet Corn Butter

Restaurant: Sally's Seafood on the Water | San Diego

Delicious butter you can't get enough of. Hints of sweet and tangy with a spicy finish; an addictive start to your meal when served with warm dinner rolls.