Restaurant Recipes

Champagne-Poached Peaches with Fresh Berries and Creme Anglaise

Peaches and Champagne

Restaurant: Restaurant at The Pearl | San Diego

The summer season does not only bring San Diegans great weather and long days, but it also brings a craving for something light and rejuvenating while soaking in some rays under the radiant sun. Restaurant at the Pearl's Sous Chef Jonny Tran and Bar Manager Emily Arney has created a simple yet classic summer recipes that utilize a medley of refreshing fruits, such as peaches, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Champagne-Poached Peaches with Fresh Berries and Creme Anglaise is a satisfying treat that pairs well with the summer season and is ideal for a appetizer or dessert (add ice cream to intensify the experience) or appetizer dish for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Pearl Tempura Squash Blossoms with Organic Arugula and Strawberries

Squash Blossom Tempura

Restaurant: Restaurant at The Pearl | San Diego

Restaurant at the Pearl has provided a sensational summer recipe that will refresh palates with fresh squash blossoms deep fried with tempura batter, and organic arugula and strawberries. This dish is a suitable candidate to be a great starter for brunch, lunch, or dinner, maybe outdoors while enjoying some sun? Simple and easy, Tempura Squash Blossoms with Organic Arugula and Strawberry will wow you and your guest's.

Caribbean Chicken Salad

Restaurant: Sally's Seafood on the Water | San Diego

Refreshing and healthy, Caribbean Chicken Salad is a top seller on Sally’s lunch menu. Inspired by Tropical Jerk Spice, the salad includes exotic fruits and a one-of-a-kind combination of tangy orange dressing and creamy macadamia nut dressing.

Chicken Ranch Wrap

Redfield's Sports Bar

Restaurant: Redfield's Sports Bar | San Diego

Ordinarily served with potato chips and a pickle spear, the Chicken Ranch Wrap is light yet tasty dish and a great lunch choice for hungry patrons. The chicken is matched with crispy bacon, sliced avocado, a medley of vegetables, and topped with ranch dressing. Easy to make and to devour, the Chicken Ranch Wrap is an ideal candidate for people that want to make a quick yet delicious bit to eat.

Seasonal Mix Salad with Semi-Dried Apricot and Rye Toast with Cheddar

Seasonal Mix Salad

Restaurant: TWIST by Pierre Gagnaire | Las Vegas

TWIST inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is offering a recipe for a refreshing seasonal mixed salad that is perfect for the summer season. Executive Chef Pierre Gagnaire has created a beautiful medley that has seasonal organic mesculin salad and semi-dried apricots as its main attracting. Quick and simple, the Seasonal Mix Salad with Semi-Dried Apricot and Rye Toast with Cheddar is superb choice for an appetizer for brunch and lunch.

Papaya Salad

Restaurant: Street Side Thai Kitchen | San Diego

This is a traditional Thai salad, highlighting fresh, fragrant, and bold flavors.

Filet Medallion Steak Salad with Fresh Arugula

Del Frisco's Dining Room

Restaurant: Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse | Philadelphia

This dish features the spicy, mustard flavors of arugula with the buttery flavors of filet medallions. The amounts included are suggestions and the steaks should be seasoned to taste.

Chopped Salad

Chef John Anderson

Restaurant: Solaris Grille | Philadelphia

The Chopped Salad has been a house favorite at the Solaris Grille for years. Awarded the coveted “Best of Philly” Award for salads in 2000, the salad is a typical any-time-of-day healthy favorite. It has become popular lunchtime fare. However, in the evening, it’s a great starter before any of the Soalris Grille’s delicious grilled dishes. John Anderson’s well-conceived Chopped Salad balances the crunch of asparagus, cucumber, and snap peas with the unctuous taste of avocado and kitchen-roasted red pepper. Chopped bacon and crumbled bleu cheese add lusty undertones to a dish that finds a winsome pairing with your favorite Shiraz.