Restaurant Recipes

Pan Seared Salmon with Yogurt Salsa


Restaurant: Meze Greek Fusion | San Diego

A favorite of Meze Mediterranean Grill, this dish’s signature Yogurt Salsa separates it from other run of the mill Pan Seared Salmon fillets. The mild Yogurt Salsa, which takes a full day to prepare properly, accents the fish with aplomb. The Yogurt Salsa offers a mild tang, with subtle tones present from the jalapeño, tomato, onion, and cucumber. The complexity of the sauce elevates this straightforward dish to a whole new level of flavor.

Dates Stuffed with Fresh Mozzarella

Cicada Executive Chef Suzay Cha

Restaurant: Cicada | Los Angeles

This hors d'oeuvre combines sweetness from the dates, creaminess from the fresh cheese, saltiness from the anchovy fillet and a nice kick from the ginger powder. There are many variations of this dish from wrapping the dates with bacon and stuffing them with blue cheese to deep frying them in tempura and filling them with goat cheese and pecans. These are easy to prepare and are great for parties and barbeques. Whatever flavor combination you like, spicy and sweet, sour and salty, there's an option for you.

Mixed Mushrooms

Restaurant: Med Grill | San Diego

Med Grill Executive Chef and Owner Seto Marselian offers this flavorful and intriguing appetizer, featuring a combination of three different mushrooms in a resonant Madeira wine sauce. The combination of mushrooms is carefully selected to offer an array of textures in each bite.