Restaurant Recipes

Tortilla Española

Cafe Sevilla

Restaurant: Cafe Sevilla | San Diego

Tortilla Española is perhaps the quintessential Spanish tapa. The simple combination of eggs and potatoes is surprisingly satisfying. Cafe Sevilla's version is garnished with marinated mushrooms, chives, and roasted red peppers, giving the dish a festive presentation.

Shrimp Ajillo

Chef Nora Ramos

Restaurant: Cafe Sevilla Long Beach | Los Angeles

Executive Chef Nora Ramos prepares this classic Spanish tapa nightly at Cafe Sevilla Long Beach. She marinates the raw shrimp prior to cooking them, but unmarinated shrimp will work at home. There are numerous versions of this recipe and only your imagination will limit this dish. Substitute Spanish chorizo for chili de arbol if you'd like the color and less of the spice. You can serve this over a bed of rice or pair with a dry white wine as well.